Why you need an independent whistleblower service for complaints reporting

In today’s business and regulatory environment, the effective management of risk and the maintenance of an ethical, respectful and positive workplace culture is fundamental to your organisation’s value proposition. With the passage of recent Whistleblower legislation in Australia, effective whistleblower systems and policies are an essential part of your workplace misconduct risk management and compliance strategy.

The challenge for employers often lies in providing a safe and secure channel where staff and other stakeholders feel comfortable and confident in reporting their concerns about inappropriate behaviour they experience or have witnessed at work.

It is important to remember that not all staff will feel able to report their complaint directly to their manager or HR – and some staff may only be willing to make their concerns heard anonymously.  Our experience is that the earlier a concern is identified and dealt with, the better the outcome for all concerned.

Integrity Line by Worklogic

Integrity Line is the independent whistleblower service provided by Worklogic for subscriber organisations. Worklogic works with employers to prevent and minimise the impact of illegal and inappropriate conduct in the workplace and to build a positive culture. Worklogic is respected Australian market leader in the space with an outstanding reputation for independence and integrity.

Benefits of an independent whistleblower service

Providing an independent, secure whistleblower service to report complaints about inappropriate behaviour at your organisation:

  • demonstrates transparency and its commitment to best practice in employee engagement and occupational health and safety
  • sends a powerful message to would-be workplace bullies or rorters that all staff now have a simple way to report their concerns
  • ensures you are made aware of, and can address, workplace complaints in a timely manner
  • ensures you are made aware of, and can address, complaints that that may otherwise not be reported
  • reduces the risk of complaints being made through other independent channels (like the media)
  • reduces the administrative burden on your HR team by outsourcing the collection and handling of complaints
  • minimise the impact and costs of workplace misconduct.

Become an Integrity Line subscriber

The annual subscription for the IntegrityLine depends on the number of total potential people you want to be able to access this service. For most subscriber companies, this equates to the number of employees (as employees are the only people making reports to IntegrityLine).  However, some companies also encourage customers and/or members of the public to use the Integrity Line service.

We charge an affordable annual subscription, adjusted according to the size of your organisation.

Your subscription to the Integrity Line includes:

  • Easy, 24 x 7 online access to an independent, secure and anonymous reporting service
  • Handling of reports by workplace consultants with extensive training in complaints-handling, privacy and confidentiality, data security, ethics and whistleblower protection
  • Reliable capture and recording of identified risks
  • Regular evaluation and reporting of complaint statistics
  • A meeting with a Worklogic consultant and your HR director, risk manager or other senior managers about how your organisation can make the best use of Integrity Line
  • A Welcome Pack including magnets with the telephone number and website
  • Laminated posters for notice boards in tearooms, HR and common areas
  • Wording for an email introducing all staff to Integrity Line
  • Liaison with your IT staff or web manager about including links to Integrity Line on your intranet
  • A quarterly report, specific to your company, which analyses any activity on Integrity Line related to your organisation, trends, the number and type of concerns, and how they were handled.

Create a customised whistleblower service

We can also create a customised whistleblower complaints reporting service to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  Customisations can include:

  • rebranding of the Integrity line site
  • integration with your existing policies and processes
  • inclusion of relevant information about your company and contacts
  • extended opening hours for our telephone complaints receipt service (by agreement)
  • customisation of the online reporting form.

Become an Integrity Line Subscriber Now

We’d love to talk to you about how your organisation would benefit from becoming a subscriber to Integrity Line.
Simply email us at  reports@integrityline.com.au with your contact details, and we will be in touch to organise a meeting!
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